I've never been a big Christmas fan, or a man easily persuaded by the oversimplified nature of seasonal moods. This is perhaps the result of a not-so-religious upbringing and the constant reassurance of the tropical weather. In that context, the extend of wonder provoked by Mother Nature went as far as "Rain" or "Dry".
This year in Atlanta (far from the motherlands and everything Celcius) I realized that winter - and fall, for that matter- have a strange effect on my mood and my attitude. This scares the living hell out of me - I mean, Nietzsche said that the view and the weather severely affected his health and, if I'm not mistaken, it was Kurt Cobain who very adamantly declared that "Weather changes moods", but who's braggin'? - this is a good scare.
I find that I'm still a child at times and stand in my 6th floor balcony to catch snowflakes with my hand. I go out with leather gloves and grab the steering wheel like a spaceman would commandeer his space ship (I know, I'm a dork). The fact of the matter is that I'm fascinated by the prospect of finding myself in a completely different reality, under a completely new set of circumstances and challenged by the parameters of, well, a new world.
Don't read into it, really, I also agree with Sabina that a man needs to try on other lives every once in a while to realize who he really is. I am, indeed, a man with gloves, hats and scarfs catching ice from the sky.
Isn't that great?


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